CENRAP Trigger Generator


The CTG is designed to support FAA (US Federal Aviation Administration) sites during a Center Radar Arts Presentation (CENRAP) display situation, when the local radar is out of operation. CTG generates the signals required for ARTS IIE and ARTS IIIA sites to operate it’s Digital Video Map Generators (DVMG), the RADS, and DEEDS Displays, while the local radar is down.

CTG has an automatic set-up capability which, after a learning period, ensures an accurate and seamless switch-over between true signal operation and simulated signal operation. CTG is a stand-alone 19" rack unit.


- Measures the true Azimuth Change Pulses (ACP), the Azimuth Reference Pulses (ARP) and the Radar Trigger Pulses (RTP).

- Analyses and stores information on the ACP, ARP and RTP pulses for the last 10 sweeps, as an average value for later synchronization.

- Displays the actual ACP count, the actual RPM of the antenna and the actual Pulse Repetition Frequency (PRF).

- In case the true ACP and RTP should disappear, the CTG will generate similar signals and provide
  these to the ACP, ARP and the RTP lines to the DDVMG and the Displays.

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