Planning Board

Trusting the
Sensor Network

Sensor Maintenance Management


SMM covers all aspects of sensor supervision and maintenance of a complete surveillance network.


As SMM links to an unlimited number of sensors, the system is ideal for national sensor supervision. SMM can be expanded to encompass both a central hub as well as remote sensors sites for prompt 2-way communication and data coherency. This renders it a complete and wide-ranging planning instrument where all information is readily available at the tip of a finger.


SMM is based on years of experience from the operation of SEP, OPM, and RST within civil and military agencies.


Alternatively, data from existing alarm systems can be imported into the SMM.



• Sensor Supervision

• Degradation Alarms (real-time)

• Data Recording

• Event Recording

• Performance Analysis

• Performance Reports

• Trent Analysis


Optional Maintenance Planning Device

• Scheduling Device

• Equipment Inventory w/ Maintenance Log

• Instrument Inventory w/ Calibration Scheduling

• Personnel Knowledge Data Base

• Mail box and Chat



SMM is interconnected as showed below (coming soon). Time synchronization is controlled by a Real-Time Clock, which also controls the primary time stamp for the system’s data, and for event recording.



19” racks. Low power consumption processors with no active mechanical components (no fans and solid state drives).


SMM features a Supervision-Alarm Display and a Management Display. The supervision display is monitored by a Maintenance Technician, whereas the management display should be at the disposal of a Maintenance Manager. Further displays can be added for data presentation of performance of remote sensor sites. This enables communication between sites/hubs regarding status reporting, scheduling, maintenance projects, etc.