Performance Monitoring

of Surveillance Systems

Online Performance Monitor


OPM provides real-time sensor performance monitoring of an air traffic surveillance system. It provides vital aid to Air Traffic Management (ATM) as it ensures proper safe operation of the total surveillance network.

If sensors in the network does not perform to the given operation specifications and coverage requirements, OPM will instantly alarm ATM.

OPM covers the following areas:


• Individual sensor

• Probability of Detection

• Coverage and degradation

Coverage areas are divided into the sub-groups:

• Probability of Detection (PD) for individual sensors

• Failures in IFF/SIF mode C for individual sensors

• Failures in IFF/SIF mode 3A for individual sensors

• IFF/SIF Missed Target for individual sensors

• WAN Loss

• WAN Delay

• Total system coverage with degradation indications (warning)

Each if the individual sub-groups can active an alarm. This alarm is specifed in 2 user selectable levels. Level 1: Visual warning indicator with yellow light and Level 2: Visual alarm indicator with red light + audible alert.

Each of the sub-groups are displayed graphically, with a continuous data upgrade by the minute. A total air coverage picture is displayed for the consolidated sensor surveillance system providing a graphic presentation of the active coverage area.