Radar Antenna Testing

Radar System Tester

RST Unit

RST is a convenient and reliable way to test various types of radar antennas in a surveillance system. It is connected directly to a radar for the recording of radar data for later graphical display with the RST software. It is a portable hand held unit which is supplied in a ruggedized carry case.

The RST is in use in several Civil and Military Aviation Agencies, including the FAA (US Federal Aviation Administration).


Radar Simulation Mode

• Pulse Repetition Frequency (PRF):200 to 2500 Hz.
• Pulse Repetition Time (PRT):0.4-5 mSec.
• Pulse Output Amplitude 5 Volts:(+/- 0.25 Volts) @ 50 Ohm
• Pulse Width:1.1 – 99.8 uSec

Antenna Test Mode

• Single ACP (Linearity Test)

• ACP Count

• ACP Jitter

• ARP Location

• Dual ACP (A - B) Antenna Test

Video Map Generator (DVMG) Test Mode

• For test of the AN/GPA-134 and the FA-16700 Digital DVMG.


Data Processing Software

Views the mechanical performance of the radar antenna in a graphic format. Equal to that of an oscilloscope.

Download RST Information Sheet