Sensor Data Integration Unit

(SDI-Unit) (GMIU)

The SDI-Unit solves issues concering the necessary improvement of radar plot information. It is a format and protocol converter ensuring the correct interface from the radar system to the centers. The SDI-Unit can convert the input format from the radar into the format and protocol required at the radar data processing end.

The SDI-Units plot correction capability is essential in relation to multi-tracking requirements. Plot correction capabilities ensure that the radar tracker processes the correct information. These correction capabilities minimize the processor load on the radar tracker.

The SDI-Unit is designed to optimize use of existing radars, thereby increasing air safety and minimizing costs otherwise related to the upgrading of an existing air traffic system.

SDI-UNIT Format and Protocol Conversion

(a) The input-format (or protocol) from radars:

The SDI-UNIT converts whichever digital input plot format* it receives from radars into a combined internal format.

(b) Any output-format or protocol to centers:

The SDI-UNIT converts the combined internal format into whichever digital output plot format (if required)*.

(c) Remote Radar Control (RRC):

Radars that can be remotely controlled can be integrated into the SDI-UNIT convey radar data to a ATC hub.

The SDI-UNIT supports the GM MERC Traffic Observation Center (TOC) and Sensor Evaluation Program (SEP). The equipment is commercial-off-the-shelf.

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