Sensor-Center Interface


Serial Interface Box

The SIBOX is a real-time interface and format conversion unit wich interfaces radars and AT networks, i.e the MIP RADNET system, or other local radar networks.

• When serial data is received from a radar site in either synchron or asynchron format, the SIBOX converts this data to LAN in UDP format, and transmits it for onward use in the radar network.

• Similarly, when data is received from the radar network, the SIBOX transforms this data into serial data in either synchron or asynchron format, and transmits it to the radar site.

Functions & Features

• Supplied both in a stand-alone single channel version, and in a 19” rack 4 channel version.

• Physical small sized – 19” rack format 1 Height Unit.

• RS-232/V24 Serial communication Synchronous or Asynchronous sensor (radar) data input converted to LAN UDP/IP format.

• Up to four sensors (radars) can be connected. For this purpose, the 19" rack SIBOX has four 100% independent circuit boards.

• Serial cable connectors for communication between the sensors (radars) and the SIBOX are using D-Sub 25 connection. The LAN connections are RJ-45

• The SIBOX contains build-in diagnostic tools and provide constant health status to the receiving Sensor network. Alarm and status indicators are clearly visible on the front of the SIBOX for a fast overview.

• The SIBOX is supplied with setup software which enables users to tailor the SIBOX specification to local requirements on-site.

Technical Specifications:


RS232/V.24 Interface
DB-25 Male Connector


Baud rate up to 115000
HDLC and SDLC formats
Encoding: NRZ or NRZI
Receive Clock/Transmit Clock source selectable


Baud rate 110 to 57600
Parity: N/E/O
Data-bit: 7/8
Stop-bit: 1/2


LAN Interface:
UDP/IP Protocol
RJ-45 Connector