Remote Radar Capability


The Traffic Observation Center (TOC) is an Air Situation Awareness Display System. The TOC is a hardware and software radar integration solution which enables air traffic awareness of the entire air space over an area or country.

The TOC can be used for display of full radar pictures with all features such as land map, zoom, offset, etc. including the storage of plots received from up to 4 radars.

The TOC Display System offers:

•    Simultaneous presentations of sensor input onto all TOC Displays

•    Track ID symbols

•    TAG information including:

1.    SSR Mode A codes
2.    SSR Mode C codes
3.    Aircraft ID (Mode S)
4.    Aircraft Address (Mode S)
5.    Track Quality
6.    Track position in Lat/Long

•    Speed and Direction vector

•    Display of Bearing and Range between selected tracks

•    ATC Map capability of up to 10 Map Pictures

•    Display of runways and extended runways

•    Height information for altitude

•    Zoom capability

•    Plot altitude filter

•    3/5/10 mile separation circles

•    Anti-Collision Alarm

System Description

The TOC system consists of two software applications:

1.    The TOC Server (TOCS) receives digital plot information from up to four radars simultaneously. The TOCS storages, converts and distributes tracks and navigation data to all displays. The TOCS runs in a redundant mode thereby ensuring that a system failure does not affect air traffic operations. The TOCS also contains the Data Log, the Event Log and the Navigation and Map information server

2.    The TOC Display (TOCD) is located in the Ops room and connects to the TOCS for display of air traffic in an area.

TOC Display with Altitude option activated:

For further information, please see the TOC information sheet.