Aerial Warning System 

Early Warning and Intrusion Detection of Restricted Air Space


Security Systems

AWS is designed to detect and identify the potential threat of intruders in the airspace periphery around high-level Restricted Air Space and Flight Restricted Areas such as: Nuclear- and other Power Plants - Dams - Military facilities - Oil  Refineries - and Other Hot Zones. This is achieved by giving a threat picture of the surrounding air traffic observed in real-time from up to four neighbouring radars, thereby providing an early warning needed to avoid the potential deadly threat of incursions. With AWS, Security Personnel can observe surrounding air traffic with easily understandable use of symbols and color coding of all flights for fast reaction, when a threat presents itself.


AWS buffer zone

Comprehensive Visual Threat Monitoring

AWS is a dual-screen, WINDOWS based system which allows simultaneous radar information on to be displayed on two computer screens: an air picture threat display, and a display showing all text based information. All displays are fully integrated, optimizable to the Security Personnel’s workspace, and give a detailed - yet fast recognizable - air traffic threat picture of the local area.

Threat evaluation criteria

The latest AWS software enhancement enables the user to adjust the threat level for each individual flight in order to comply to conditions given at any time. These conditions are referred to as 'threat evaluation criteria'. Furthermore, the user can facilitate threat monitoring by reducing the number of flight symbols displayed by excluding symbols of lower threat levels. This is done using the AWS filter option.





•  Provides an Air Picture of the Restricted Airspace

•  Offers an automated tool to supervise Restricted Airspace

•  Detects and alerts Operators to potential threats

•  Raises Situational Awareness in 4-step increments

•  Adjustable pre-specified threat level djustments

•  Enables Intel/Law Enforcement data integration

•  Recorded evidence of data/information for any decision level

•  Improves decision making and response time








AWS is:

1. An automated Early Warning and Intrusion Detection System used for Supervision of Government specified and defined Restricted Airspace.


2. A Security tailored version of the Traffic Observation Center (TOC) System utilizing remotely located Radars.


ASSESSMENT: based on flight spead and heading

ADJUSTMENT: Threat level adjustments based on 11 criteria

DISPLAY: of User specified threat levels